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The IBM Internet of Things and Informix 2014 Spring / Summer Roadshows are coming to a city near you!!

Registration is now open for two new FREE technical Roadshow events being held through North America.
The first is for anyone interested in the next wave in data processing. Generally referred to as “The Internet of Things”, it represents a massive change currently occurring throughout the IT landscape. Unstructured data is flooding into the enterprise and everyone is struggling with how to manage it. While NoSQL offers the ability to have dynamic elasticity with data and its organization, these databases lack essential elements common to enterprise class databases such as scalability, security, flexible deployment, transaction support and full data integration. Today, IBM offers a solution that can natively handle NoSQL and structured data simultaneously providing a single system with the seamless integration of all data within the enterprise. During this event, you’ll gain insight and hands on experience with IBM’s solution that permits NoSQL and structured data to coexist and be used simultaneously in an enterprise class system.

The second event is oriented specifically for Informix customers, this day is for those interested in learning about the full spectrum of Informixbs storage management and efficiency technologies. You’ll gain hands-on experience with dynamic and manual expansion of storage spaces. You’ll compress, repack and shrink data and indexes to see how these functions contribute to faster SQL performance. You’ll learn about proper space planning and sizing for maximum efficiency, database backup deduplication, and much, much more.

For more information, refer to the attached invitation or go to the registration page at

Washington DC will be July 24th and 25th 2014