Washington Area IBM Database User Group – Sponsors

The user group has been supported by many companies over the past years. The major financial sponsors of the user group this year are:

Advanced DataTools Corporation

IBM Data Management

The options listed below are available for companies who would like to participate in our activities. Please contact Lester Knutsen (lester@advancedatatools.com) for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

    • Presentation at Meetings—We plan on one presentation per meeting from vendors that have products that work with Informix.
    • Major Sponsorship—Companies provide annual financial support for the user group and in return receive links from our web page to theirs.
    • Local Forums—Every other year we have held Forums for our members, offering numerous seminar sessions and an exhibit hall with 10-14 vendors demonstrating products which work with Informix. These events have been attended by over 200 people, and have been a very exiting way to share new developments related to Informix database software. Exhibitors have found this to be a very worthwhile event targeted at Informix users.
  • Training Days—Every other year, when we do not hold a Forum, we have held a one day Training Day Event. This is focused on 3 hour technical seminars on how to use and optimize Informix products.