Washington Area Informix User Group TimeSeries Hands on Lab

The last Washington Area Informix User Group event was a one-day Hands on Lab on the Informix TimeSeries technology that is being used in the IBM Smarter Planet initiative with Metering Data and Smart Grid.

Informix is a market leader in the integration of what are called “extensibility” features that enable the database architect to natively create, store, and manipulate complex User-Defined Data Types (UDTs) with User-Defined Routines (UDRs) as though they were built-in data types in the database engine. With this capability, Informix can solve very complex problems with simple SQL statements. As a result, Informix is the perfect database engine to help create a Smarter Planet.

This lab will expose participants to one of these extensibility features — the Informix TimeSeries technology. A “time series” is any set of data that is accessed in sequence by time and can be processed and analyzed in a chronological order. Informix TimeSeries can be used in financial, scientific, utility, manufacturing, and other industries where data is captured over time and needs to be analyzed quickly and easily. Informix introduced some enhancements in the Informix 11.70.xC3 release and this lab will be based on that release.

In this Proof of Technology, participants will get hands-on with Informix TimeSeries technology to create and use regular and irregular times series, containers, calendars and more. Data will be loaded using Informix TimeSeries Virtual Tables and a bulk load routine. The student will use several Informix TimeSeries functions to hide/reveal data, perform complex calculations and more. Finally, participants will use an application that combines Informix TimeSeries and Informix Spatial technology to track vehicle movement as well as location and condition exceptions within a vehicle fleet.

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